Flip Flop Pros and Cons

Aug 3, 2015

When it comes to quick and easy, flip flops fit the bill. They keep your feet cool in the summer and they are easy for kids and adults alike to get on and off, but what about how they affect your feet? If you are trying to decide what shoes to wear today, read this flip flop pros and cons list first.

Flip Flop Pros:

Quick and easy: They take hardly any effort to put on, especially for kids.

They keep your feet cool.

They can be very inexpensive.

Flip Flop Cons:

They are flimsy and many of them provide no support for your feet which can eventually lead to arch and heel pain. 

Your feet are much more susceptible to injury.

Constant wearing of flip flops can result in tired and very sore feet.

They are a breeding place for bacteria. 

Since there is only a small strap to secure your feet, your toes actually have to grip the flip flop to keep them on. Over time this can cause tendinitis and can lead to hammer toes. 

Constant rubbing on the rubber piece between the toes can cause painful blisters. 

Since there is no support in flip flops, the whole way you walk can change. Wearing flip flops on a regular basis can change your natural gait which can lead to problems in your knees, hips and lower back. 

There you have it. Flip flops definitely aren’t the best choice for everyday footwear, but if you are just using them for a quick trip to the pool or wearing them for a short period of time you will be fine. If you want to wear flip flops for a longer period of time, invest in a sturdy pair that have a good amount of cushion and support. Also, check out Dr. Evan Merrill’s recent interview with KDRV channel 12 news about flip flops.  

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