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Fast, Effective Care to Keep You Active

If a problem takes you off your feet or makes it difficult for you to enjoy life, you want fast, effective care to get you going again.

Find out more about the types of foot and ankle conditions we help you overcome.

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Reasons Why You Might Have Pain in the Back of Your Heel

Reasons Why You Might Have Pain in the Back of Your Heel

When you’re suffering from heel pain, location matters. That includes in the back of your heel! That’s because “heel pain” is not just one problem, but can stem from a variety of different causes. There is often a big difference between what can cause pain along the...

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What Can You Do to Prevent a Bunion?

What Can You Do to Prevent a Bunion?

The bad news about a bunion is that, once you notice you have one, the proverbial horse has likely already left the barn. You can’t really prevent a bunion when you see it – it already exists! But what if you’re at high risk of developing a bunion (take a look at how...

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“Thank you so much, Dr. Merrill, for your compassion and good support. Also, I thank all the staff here at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle. I really feel important and valued here.

Thank you, God bless all here.”

Mary Morales


Dr Merrill and staff are awesome! I have had top notch medical care. They are kind and very caring in there medical care of All their patients. I have experienced first hand the excellent care of Dr Evan Merrill. You will also be treated like family. I would highly recommend Southern Oregon Foot and Ankle.

Tammy Q.


“I came in today not being able to walk on my right foot. I left walking normal and not in pain. As I sat in my car after leaving, I cried. I cried because it has hurt so bad for so long and now it doesn’t. Now I have the tools to get better. I will be diligent. I hope it works. But right at this moment….I can walk. I can work. I can take my dog for a walk. That alone makes me cry. I am so pleased and even more thankful. You have more than made my day. You have made my dog very happy. Thank you. See you in four weeks.”
Sherylene Stancliff

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Evan C. Merrill, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Merrill has lived and worked in the Medford, OR area since 1999. Prior to this, he had a podiatric practice in Pullman, Washington for 7 years.

Running has been a great help in Dr. Merrill’s personal life and practice. In addition to staying in good health, he has more empathy for runners and their specific injuries and foot/ankle problems, as he has been afflicted with some of the same foot issues that he treats. He plans on completing a 100-mile endurance ultramarathon one day.

Devin G. Dimond, DPM

Dr. Dimond was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spent much of his time playing outdoors with his family and friends. During most of his teenage and early adult years, he worked for his father’s construction company; finishing concrete and helping to build both custom and tract homes.

He attended the California School of Podiatric Medicine in Oakland, CA, and then completed surgical residency at St. Mary’s Medical Center/Kaiser Foundation Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a resident, Dr. Dimond worked at two level 1 trauma centers and multiple hospital systems. At the moment, his podiatric interests include trauma, sports medicine, foot and ankle deformities, and managing the complications of diabetes.